Access and take the elevator common sense

- Sep 18, 2017 -

1. out of the elevator

Elevator floor, car door open, the passengers should be on the next, do not push each other. When the floor is fully open, before entering the car, to see the elevator car floor and floor of the ground is in the same plane, so that the elevator floor is not accurate and tripped. When you reach the destination floor, the car stops and the door is fully open, confirming that the floor and floor of the car are on the same floor and out of the car.

Do not use your hand to hold the door between the car door and the floor door, and between the door and the door frame, so as not to clamp the hand; pay attention to prevent crutches, fine high heels The elevator can not close the door, start, then enter the passengers should take the initiative to withdraw from the car, waiting for the next elevator (the elevator), the elevator can not be closed, Until the elevator door is completely closed and start to start and then press the call button.

2. Switch the elevator door

Most of the daily use of the elevator in the automatic state, the elevator floor, car door will be set in the control system after the time automatically shut down, you can also press the car on the control panel close the button "> |" to make the car door immediately closed , To achieve early closure. Elevator in the layer, car door closed after the start, when the elevator to reach the destination floor, the elevator floor, car door will automatically open.

Prohibit the use of boxes and other objects or body block, car door closed, in particular, do not stand between the station and the car across the block, car door, so as not to cause personal injury.

3. Inside the car

The inside of the car has a car control panel indicating the floor, the passenger entering the car presses the button of the destination floor, the selected button indicator will light, and the button light indicates that the selection has been registered by the elevator control system.

In addition, some elevators have the wrong instruction to cancel the function, if the selected layer in the car to select the number of layers, by continuing to press this layer number of buttons several times (some elevator is long press), the layer of the button light off, Indicates that the selection layer is canceled.

4. Take the elevator

After entering the car, passengers should go to the car inside the station, do not hand, back to the security touch panel (or light curtain), so as not to affect the layer, car door closed, not too close to the car door, especially passengers wearing loose, (Such as long skirts, dresses, etc.), pay attention to avoid the clothing layer, car door grip operation, resulting in personal injury.

When the elevator car arrives, the elevator floor, the car door is automatically opened, the number of the floor is displayed on the car control panel, and the corresponding floor button indicator light will go out. The barrierless elevator will also have a voice prompt to inform the passenger car of the docking position.

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