Fixing Method of Guide Bracket and Shaft Wall

- Sep 18, 2017 -

① to wear bolt fixation:

When the wall thickness of the hoistway is less than 150 mm, the hole of the required size can be drilled with an impact drill or hammer, and the rail support is secured with a bolt on the perforation.

Fixed on the wall of the hoistway, and should be placed on the back of the hoistway with a larger thick steel plate gasket as shown in Figure 6-34a.

② embedded bolts or direct embedding method

When the shaft wall thickness is greater than 150 mm, are used in this way.

At this time most of the retaining wall leaves reserved holes. Or need to chisel as shown in Figure 6-35 hole. Installation should be embedded in the bolt or open the foot of the rail bracket according to the required location fixed. Buried depth of not less than 120 mm. And watering with a higher grade of concrete (see Figure 6-34b).

③ embedded steel plate welding fixed method

This method applies to the concrete shaft wall, in the construction of the shaft should be in accordance with the requirements of the construction map in the reserved hole location embedded with steel feet with steel feet. Install the rail bracket on the steel plate can be installed. (See Figure 6-34c). But the weld should be continuous, and should be double and welded.

④ expansion bolt fixation method

Applicable to concrete shaft. Install the drill with a drill and drill a hole in the hoistway to match the expansion bolt. Place the expansion bolt to hold the bracket.

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