Flc400 False Car

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: FLC400

  • Speed: 1-20M/Min

  • Sling Type: Wire Rope

  • Elevator Door: Sider Door

  • Load Capacity: <1T

  • Usage: Construction Hoist

  • Lift Drive / Actuation: Electric Motor

  • Trademark: CHI

Safely Reduce Rail Installation Time!

The False Car used in combination with a Wire Rope Climber will reduce the time needed to install guiderails and hoist way equipment.Plus it is a much safer and a more economical method.It is time to discover what the largest elevator companies in the world have been using for years!

Key Features
400kg or 600 kg capacity at 9m per minute
Collapsible for easy storage and transport
4 separate braking systems when used as a complete system
Made in high strength steel construction
Available with canopy for overhead protection
Thousands in use throughout China

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1 What is the maximum load capacity of the False Car?
The safeties on the False Car are rated for a maximum load of 800kg.You must take into account the entire system when calculating the load placed on the False Car.This includes, but is not limited to:The False Car frame and platform, any handrail or canopy, the workers, tools and material, weight of the cable climber, and any power cords or cables that will hang from the False Car.

Q2 What is the maximum rope length for use with the False Car?

The vertical travel of the False Car is unlimited, as the cable climber hoist is only limited by the length of cables it has in the hoistway to climb.The cable climber is similar to that used on staging or window-washing equipment, and does not support the weight of the rope at any point in time.Therefore, the rope does not move, and the length of the rope determines how far the cable climber can climb.

Q3 What rail sizes will it function with?

The False Car design includes an adjustable safety block that allows the user to configure it for nearly any existing international rail size.Please specify your rail size to us to confirm functionality with your specific rails.

Q4 What type of brakes or safety devices are used?

The CHI False Car has two safety brakes that ride on the rails and are rated at 800kg based upon a static load.These safeties are designed to hold the False Car in position, but not stop it during travel.The cable climber we recommend provides 3 braking mechanisms as standard:A mechanical brake, an over-speed safety on the main cable, and a secondary rope-grab safety on the second wire rope in the event the primary rope fails or becomes slack.

Q5 What are the maximum and minimum platform dimensions?

The platform size is based upon the DBG (distance between guides) in one direction.In the depth dimension, the user is responsible for maintaining an appropriate dimension relative to the DBG dimension.Platform sizes are available for all shaft sizes.Contact us for assistance with determining the size of the platform required.

Q6 What parts of the False Car require replacement and how often?

With proper care and maintenance, the safety rollers are the only consumable parts on the CHI False Car.As such, CHI recommends that the safety rollers are monitored carefully and inspected daily during usage.The safety roller should be replaced at the first sign of wear on the diamond point tips on the rollers.Please ask your CHI representative for the conditions that contribute to wear on the rollers, as well as if you have any additional questions on parts that are sometimes replaced due to wear and tear.
About the False Car
Early Entrance On To Jobsite
False Car allows contractor to begin installing hoist-way equipment prior to building and machine room completion
Quick Setup
False Car is installed once in approximately 1.5 hours regardless of building height.Scaffold must be installed throughout hoist-way.
Faster/More Efficient Rail Installation
Moving platform that is not dependent on building height allows for much quicker installation than scaffold or planking method
Initial investment allows for reduced installation costs on all future job sites
Full Adjustability

Increased Safety:Reduces Your Liability

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