How to choose a sightseeing elevator

- Sep 18, 2017 -

1, security:

    The safety of the sightseeing elevator in 2003 in the country as the main basis for the elevator business to rectify. So the elevator in the choice of elevator safety must be understood. At present, the choice of elevator must comply with the provisions of the elevator car area can not be exceeded. It is also necessary to consider the main components such as the safety gear of the elevator, the speed limiter and the handling of the fault.

2, functional:

    When you choose an elevator, you need to understand the function of the elevator. Generally, when signing an order contract, it is advisable for the supplier to provide the necessary functionality to introduce the benefits of the elevator.

3, aesthetics:

    The beauty of the sightseeing elevator is very important and the beauty is not luxurious. If your building is special, of course, need to be more special decoration. In the family with the elevator to choose the decoration, you can choose according to your home decoration to choose a different decoration; if the hotel should be the main luxury; if the restaurant entertainment can be considered some separate from top to bottom for different decorations; food, Choose a neat decor.

4, technical:

    In the case of a considerable supply of enterprises, need to consider the choice from a technical point of view. Absolutely can not choose to be eliminated varieties, to understand the various brands and models between the advanced level of technology. If the technology is behind, then the product life may be relatively short, and maintenance parts may not be guaranteed. At the same time technical also take into account the relationship between building structure and elevator technology.

5, applicability:

    The applicability of the sightseeing elevator is most important, if the house is only 6 layers, then the choice of elevator is the first consideration is applicability. Of course, in the choice of the need to consider the characteristics of your building, choose whether the machine room elevator.

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