Track installation

- Sep 18, 2017 -

1. Each guide rail has at least two rail brackets, the spacing between 2-2.5M, special circumstances, there should be measures to ensure that the rail installation to meet the requirements of GB7588-2003 bending strength requirements. Guide bracket level is not greater than 1.5% The anchor bolts or brackets of the rail brackets should not be embedded in depths less than 120 mm. If welds with welding brackets must be continuous and should be welded on both sides.

2. When the elevator rushed, the boots should not be deviant.

3. Each row of rails face the installation of the baseline 5M deviation should not be greater than the following values: car with a safety gear of the counterweight is 0.6mm, no safety clamp T-shaped guide rail is 1.0mm.

4. The rails shall be fixed to the rails by means of press plates and shall not be welded or connected directly.

5. Distance between the top of the two rails: the car is + 2-0; the counter rail is + 3-0. (See the original note)

6. In the installation of the baseline, each column guide should be relative to the baseline line detection, take the maximum devia

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