Analysis Of The Importance Of Elevator Guide

- Sep 18, 2017 -

In the elevator running for the car and the counterweight to provide guidance, but also play a safety brake when the support role, is an important part of the elevator system.

1) security. Elevator rails affect the safety of the elevator is mainly the material of the guide rail. The rail material is too hard or uneven (partial hard), clamping force in the security brake will not get enough friction, will cause the brake failure, the occurrence of car crash in the elevator accident the most serious conditions. Guide rails should have sufficient strength to ensure that the safety gear brake when the car and the impact of the support.

2) comfort. Elevator rails affect the elevator comfort factors in several ways:

a. The connection accuracy of the guide rail: the connection accuracy of the solid rail is determined by the end dimension of the guide rail and the symmetry of the yin and yang tenon. The connection precision of the hollow rail and the escalator guide is ensured by the end dimension and geometric tolerance of the guide rail Of the connection accuracy of the guide rail directly affect the smooth operation of the elevator and comfort.

b. Guide rail roughness: guide rail roughness directly affects the guide shoe in the guide surface can run smoothly, but also affect the storage of lubricating oil, thus affecting the quality of car operation.

c. straightness and twist of the guide rail: any point on the rail bending and twisting will give the car a side force, affecting the car up and down the linear movement, so that the car has a sense of shaking, with the elevator speed, the car will There is a sense of vibration, thus affecting the comfort.

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