Video Cable Out Of The Elevator Shaft Position Selection

- Sep 18, 2017 -

The ideal choice should be in the middle of the well, because the length of the video cable in the well, only about half the depth of the well, the shortest, naturally the introduction of the interference is minimal; but the project on this outlet requirements, can only see the situation for the actual Works are not allowed.

In the past, in the case of ignoring the principle, most of the outlet position and other accompanying cable together, from the top or bottom of the cable wells out. In this case, taking into account that only half of the cable is accompanied by the movement, the other half is only a fixed extension of the connection, do not exercise, we call this part of the "fixed cable"; this provides a possible, that half of the accompanying sports cable Only with other accompanying cable bundled with the line; and the other half of the fixed cable can choose to stay away from the accompanying cable separate way, in the elevator shaft to close the line of the vertical line, and this part of the cable through the metal pipe Or take the metal slot to shield interference on the impact of this part of the cable, more effective.

When the video cable of the accompanying motion part is bundled with other accompanying cables, the designer should fully understand the structure and distribution of the other accompanying cables. When the bundled video cable should be as far away as the current, the high frequency cable, the cable with the low frequency and the low frequency ; Here, even if there is a 1 cm choice may also have to fight, because the interference effect is at least inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

Camera metal shell, NC head shell, coaxial cable outside the conductor and other video signals "ground", and the elevator car, rails, etc. to be insulated, which in the installation of the camera to pay special attention.

Camera power supply should be preferred centralized DC power supply, followed by the choice of car lighting, electricity can not be used. Power supply, control and other monitoring cables, try to use shielded cable to prevent the interference signal to leak out.

The cable from the elevator shaft to the control center should be taken from the metal pipe or the metal tank to shield the environmental impact of this part of the cable, and note that this part of the shield and the elevator shaft shield, should do electrical connection.

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